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  • Sony 4K Camera Pricing and Playback

    At special events in Europe and L.A., Sony announced the pricing for their new 4K cameras, the PMW-F5 and the PMW-F55. They also showed the first sample videos shot with the cameras. The suggested U.S. LIST pricing for the new products, planned to be available in February, are: PMW-F5 CineAlta 4K Camera $19,400 PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Camera $34,900 The AXR-R5 RAW Recorder, which is required to record 4K with the PMW-F5, or to capture RAW 4K with the PMW-F55 will list at $6,300 Sony has also come out with new PL mount lenses for the cameras that will be available…  Read more

    On Nov 30, 2012
    By on Nov 30, 2012 Cinematography
  • 4K is Coming, Ready or Not

    When 3D TVs were the rage, I was convinced it was just a cynical push by the electronics manufacturers to sell TVs and nothing else. To me, 3D was a fad that would be used for a few things, but was unlikely to become mainstream. I’d seen the future before; I saw Jaws 3D when it was first released. So when the manufacturers started talking up 4K cameras, with promises of 4K TV sets, I was convinced that this too was a push to sell new TV sets that wouldn’t amount to much. Sure filmmakers with a big budget will…  Read more

    On Nov 28, 2012
    By on Nov 28, 2012 Cinematography
  • The Week in Cameras: The Empire and the Rebellion

    This week saw Sony announce two new cameras, the PMW-F5 and PMW-F55, as well as some details about 4K recording for the NEX-FS700. Unfortunately, they didn’t announce many pricing details, other than the $2,000 price for the interface unit for the NEX-FS700. The cameras are expected in January, and pricing information will probably come sometime in December, but we have been left to depend on whispers from those who say they have been told numbers, even though Sony continues to say that they haven’t told anyone the prices. That said, it appears that the PMW-F5 will be under $20,000 and…  Read more

    On Nov 5, 2012
    By on Nov 5, 2012 Cinematography
  • The Week in Cameras: An October Surprise

    This Tuesday we have the big announcement of “The New F” from Sony to look forward to. Will it be amazing? Sony is certainly talking it up, billing it as “The Future, Ahead of Schedule.” Peter Crithary of Sony has tweeted: Peter Crithary @CineAltaNews Those few that have seen, and know the features, their reaction is #GameChanger Of course, he’s from Sony, so he might be expected to say that. Filmmaker Sebastian Wiegärtner has said: Sebastian Wiegärtner @wiegaertner #TheNewF announcement will be very tough for some big players in the industry! I was so surprised yesterday! And Andy Shipsides of…  Read more

    On Oct 29, 2012
    By on Oct 29, 2012 Cinematography
  • The Week in Cameras: Interesting Times Ahead

    If the Mayan calendar goes beyond 12, we could be in for an interesting new year. The next few months should see several new cameras being announced or begin shipping, and 4K acquisition becoming almost mainstream. The New F From Sony Sony is letting people know that a new “F” camera will be announced October 30th. You can even sign up to be notified here: Will this camera replace the current PMW-F3 ($13,000) or perhaps fall somewhere between that and the Sony F65 ($65,000)? It remains to be seen, but October 30th also fits with the time frame for the…  Read more

    On Oct 22, 2012
    By on Oct 22, 2012 Cinematography
  • The Week in Cameras: iPhone, Full-Frame and IBC News

    Another week, another iPhone announcement. I remember when I used to hang on every word as a new iPhone was released. What were the features? When would it be available? When could I order it? I’ve even lined up – twice – just to get it on the first day. In retrospect, does it really make sense to stand in line for several hours waiting for a… phone? But now it’s the sixth “new” iPhone (Original, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5) and I find I’m not so enraptured. I don’t need to know immediately whether the camera is any better (see footnote…  Read more

    On Sep 17, 2012
    By on Sep 17, 2012 Cinematography
  • The Week in Cameras: The Software Edition

    After the excitement of the last two weeks of camera announcements, here are some software announcements and updates that you might have missed. Prelude is unbundled One of the new apps to appear in Adobe Creative Suite 6 is Prelude, an ingestion and logging tool that is a separate application but works closely with Premiere. Prelude lets a user scan through the clips on a camera or memory card and select the ones they want to transfer or transcode. Metadata can be added, and it’s also possible to create very simple rough cuts within Prelude. The rough cuts and the…  Read more

    On Sep 7, 2012
    By on Sep 7, 2012 Cinematography
  • Reactions to the Canon C100

    Canon went and shrunk the C300! The company just announced its baby brother, the C100, which looks very similar but is slightly smaller and is absent a feature or two. Most notable, perhaps, is the use of the AVCHD codec, and the LCD has been moved to the back of the camera from the detachable handle. But the C100 has the same sensor as the C300, and may produce a very similar image. All of those issues may be less important, however, than the price; at around $8,000 it will be half the price of the C300. To get the…  Read more

    On Aug 30, 2012
    By on Aug 30, 2012 Cinematography
  • The Week in Cameras: Sony NEX-EA50 and Zacuto Shootout

    New Large-Sensor Camera From Sony Sony has announced another new camera, the Sony NEX-EA50, which fits somewhere between the very consumer-ish NEX-VG20 and the semi-professional NEX-FS100. The common design element of NEX cameras is the use of Sony’s E-mount, which has a very shallow flange depth – the distance from the mount to the sensor – making it possible to use a variety of lens mounts with an appropriate adapter.   The NEX-EA50 is clearly aimed at the event and documentary shooter. It has a new body shape with an integrated shoulder pad (which can be adjusted), XLR audio inputs, and comes…  Read more

    On Aug 20, 2012
    By on Aug 20, 2012 Cinematography
  • The Week in Cameras: Canon Goes Mirrorless, BDCC Accessories And A New Sony Camera

    The Canon EOS M Canon this week announced the Canon EOS M, a small camera that takes an APS-C sensor and stuffs it into a smaller body by doing away with the DSLR mirrorbox and using a new lens mount. The EOS M follows a trail blazed by Canon’s competitors — namely Panasonic and Sony. Sony has had a hit with their NEX- series cameras, and obviously Canon has been watching. What does it mean for video? Well for one thing, it does away with the mirrorbox, which for video shooters is a mostly useless piece of equipment. This shrinks…  Read more

    On Jul 27, 2012
    By on Jul 27, 2012 Cinematography
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