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Artistic Outputs: Filmmakers and Production Designers on Using Generative AI

Gray, concrete brutalist structures are illuminated by a ray of white light emanating from above.Griffin Frazen's brutalist buildings, image from Midjourney

Via Zoom, Natou Fall shares her screen with me, allowing me to look at the hundreds of images she’s created using text prompts in the generative AI program Midjourney. The image resulting from the prompt above is an eerie one of a silhouetted couple holding hands, both wearing fashionable flared jackets and standing in a sparse, neon-accented nightclub with a figure lurking in the shadows. The whole image is bathed in an orange-red aura that is indeed reminiscent of Noé’s work, particularly the lighting scheme of the famous tunnel sequence in Irréversible. Fall scrolls down her wall of images in […]

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