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We Need This Cleared: The Authors Behind the Latest Edition of Clearance & Copyright

Three women, two blonds and a brunette, sit at their desks in a hectic newsroom.Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and D'arcy Carden in Bombshell.

Filmmaking is a magnificent creative act, one that unites a group of passionate individuals toward the realization of an extraordinary artistic vision. Or, viewed another way, it is simply the effective aggregation and well-planned administration of various creative outputs and intellectual properties. And while there are plenty of books that purport to inspire you toward the former definition, there’s one in particular devoted to the latter that’s recommendable to any producer, whatever their experience level. Clearance and Copyright, first published in 1996 by entertainment attorney Michael C. Donaldson, has been the best single book for navigating readers through the thickets […]

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