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Tribeca 2018: Michael Muller on Sharks, Fear, and Into the Now

If you don’t know Michael Muller‘s name, you do know his work. His posters for Deadpool 2 are the most creative bit of film advertising in the current market, and he’s also shot artwork for Marvel films like Captain America: Civil War, Dr. Strange, and Guardians of…  Read more

By Apr 24, 2018

“We Have Only Scratched the Surface of What is Possible in Erotic VR Media”: Jennifer Lyon Bell on Her Fantasy Film Workshop and Creating Erotic VR

Second Date

The last time I interviewed veteran filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell for this site topics ranged from “fair trade” porn to the inaugural Holy Fuck Film Festival in Amsterdam (where the expat feminist pornographer has long resided). And now Bell, recipient…  Read more

By Mar 21, 2018

It’s Really About You and Your Friends: Alex Henning on Creating Social Virtual Reality and Coco VR

With the release of Coco last year Pixar created yet another film that won over critics and audiences with rich visuals and a compelling story; it’s earned over $200 million so far and just took home the Best Animated Feature Oscar. Pixar wanted to…  Read more

By Mar 5, 2018

Building a Monster in Two Months: On Frankenstein AI: a monster made by many‘s Race to Sundance

Frankenstein AI

The lobby is packed. Within minutes of opening, a line has formed for Frankenstein AI: a monster made by many, and we’re completely booked for the day. Festival-goers curious about emergent forms of storytelling weave their way through the New…  Read more

By Jan 29, 2018

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