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“VR Can Be So Many Things”: Diversion cinema Co-founder Camille Lopato on Distributing VR

A VR gallery designed by Diversion Cinema

Frequent visitors to major film festivals will have spent the last few years tracking the improvement not only of virtual and augmented reality pieces, but also of how they’re shown. Throughput has increased, displays and decorations gone from relatively slipshod…  Read more

By Feb 27, 2020

From All Angles: The Groundbreaking Volumetric Filmmaking of Scatter

On the set of Queerskins

“If you look at any discipline through the lens of emerging technology, you’ll find a group of people who are exploring what’s next for that discipline,” said James George, cofounder/CEO of Scatter, sitting across from me in its Bushwick studios.…  Read more

By Jun 19, 2019

Talking Gender Parity in the Immersive World at the FilmGate Interactive Media Festival

Diliana Alexander, Marie-Pier Gauthier, Vivian Marthell and Joanna Popper

No film fest is complete these days without an attempt to tackle the vast gender inequality that’s long afflicted the industry. So it comes as no surprise that the sixth edition of the FilmGate Interactive Media Festival devoted an entire…  Read more

By Dec 11, 2018

“If the Content is Sh*t, It Will Still be Sh*t in VR and AR”: Virtual Reality and Hard Truth at the 2018 FilmGate Interactive Media Festival

Blind Vaysha

The Virtual Reality Portal at the FilmGate Interactive Media Festival, which this year overlapped with Art Basel in downtown Miami, featured a wealth of new discoveries alongside some stellar high-profile projects. Among the three-dozen or so interactive works on display…  Read more

By Dec 9, 2018

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