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Dispatches from San Francisco, Visions du Réel and Big Ears

The Green Fog (Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Film Society)

San Francisco International Film Festival Celebrating its 60th edition, the San Francisco International Film Festival — now rebranded as the hashtag-friendly SFFILM Festival — impressed this first-timer not as a hoary institution, recumbent upon its laureled legacy, but as a…  Read more

By Jun 16, 2017

Fest Circuit: Sundance, Berlin, Borscht and True/False

Jason Mitchell and Garrett Hedlund in Mudbound (Courtesy of Sundance Institute |photo by Steve Dietl.)

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL By Ashley Clark At this year’s ceaselessly snow-pummelled Sundance Film Festival (Jan. 19-29), I hardly expected to experience my first slice of knockout formal invention while languishing at my laptop in my hotel room. But these are…  Read more

By Apr 13, 2017

Dispatches from Thessaloniki, Macao and Cucalorus

Porto (Photo by Wyatt Garfield)

Thessaloniki International Film Festival By Ray Pride What everyone in Greece has known since 2008 is — well, no one knows. In late December, the eurozone lenders again withdrew short-term relief measures for the demolished Greek economy, partially prompted by a one-time…  Read more

By Jan 18, 2017

Festival Beat: Toronto, Camden and Fantastic Fest

Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper (Photo courtesy of IFC Films)

Toronto International Film Festival By Scott Macaulay Following 2013’s The Flag, Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker returned to the Toronto International Film Festival this year with an entirely different meditation on national identity, Karl Marx City. Here Epperlein, who emigrated to…  Read more

By Oct 20, 2016

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