Winter 2012

City Limits

Following up his impressive debut, Reprise, Joachim Trier uses a Pierre Drieu La Rochelle novel and the Norwegian capital to create the beautifully somber Oslo, August 31st. By Scott Macaulay



Foreign Correspondents

Directors Joshua Marston (The Forgiveness of Blood) and Braden King (Here) discuss the making of their very different pictures through the prism of their shared experience — making an independent film in Eastern Europe.

  • The Art of First Impressions: How to Cut a Movie Trailer

    Stephen Garrett on crafting a winning trailer

  • Listen as Your Story Talks to the Internet

    Without a doubt, this is an amazing time to be a storyteller. We have moved beyond the simple democratization of storytelling and production tools. Funding, marketing and distribution solutions are commoditized, providing filmmakers numerous opportunities to bring their work to an audience. And now a new phase is arriving, one that merges technology with the creative process. Filmmakers will soon be able to take advantage of a world of connected objects in what has been termed the “Internet of things.” And in this environment, as always, there will be a need for good storytelling to provide a level of understanding, […]

  • Editor’s Letter

    The first thing I did after finally reading Patti Smith’s Just Kids this past summer was to get on YouTube to find the earliest clips of her I could. I wanted to sense the charisma she must have put out when she was young. It’s not like she’s not still charismatic, but it’s just that, like with every famous person, her charisma is now congealed with the aura of her fame. I wanted to see what she seemed like before she was “Patti Smith,” the woman who made Horses and Easter. Before she was that rock-and roll-icon, Smith was, as […]


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