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“I’ve Realized How Much More Creative I Am When I Allow Myself Rest” | Adamma Ebo, Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul

Reginal Hall and Sterling K. Brown in Honk For Jesus Save Your SoulRegina Hall and Sterling K. Brown in Honk For Jesus, Save Your Soul. (photo: Alan Gwizdowski)

The last two years have prompted much contemplation and reconsideration of the reasons why we make our films as well as the ways in which we make them. What aspect of your filmmaking—whether in your creative process, the way you finance your films, your production methodology or the way you relate to your audience—did you have to reinvent in order to make and complete the film you are bringing to the festival this year?

The aspect of my filmmaking/creative process that I’ve had to reinvent during these last two years is how I reinvigorate my creative mind. I used to just barrel through any creative block I have and just crank something out even, if it ends up changing later. But within the last two years, I’ve realized how much more creative I am when I allow myself rest—even if it’s smack dab in the middle of a work day. So, since I’m working from home more often than not these days, I take naps. And it’s truly been transformative for my creative process. I greatly attribute coming up with the opening to the film (which changed a few times) to a series of naps. I was feeling stuck with it, but the rest gave me the space and energy to put the tone of the movie back into perspective.

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