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Reflections from Quarantine: Six Cinematographers on Their Lives During Lockdown

Christopher Doyle

in Cinematography, Filmmaking
on Apr 29, 2020

Over the last several weeks, since the middle of March, Daniel Eagan reached out to a number of cinematographers all over the world to check in on their personal responses to the novel coronavirus pandemic and the resulting quarantine. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Copenhagen to a Poland lakeside, they respond with reactions encompassing their own personal coping strategies, their current professional activities (or lack of them) and the thoughts the lockdown has stimulated about not only their profession but filmmaking in general. Find the links below, and stay tuned for future roundups of more cinematographers as well as others from the art and business of filmmaking.

Following are responses from Jasper Spanning, Rachel Morrison (whose directorial debut was halted by the lockdown), Danna Krinsky, Łukasz Żal, Natasha Braier and Christopher Doyle.

“Using a Camera to Talk About Emotions That are Too Complex to Put into Words”: DP Jasper Spanning on Facing Sorrow During Lockdown.

“I Think We All Want to Know What the New Normal Looks Like…” Director and DP Rachel Morrison on Pausing Her Feature Directorial Debut.

“I’m Going For, ‘Capture It Now, Use It Later’”: DP Danna Krinsky on Shooting Drone Stock Footage in a Pandemic.

“It’s Very Interesting to Live Without This Adrenaline…”: DP Łukasz Żal on Slowing Down While in Quarantine.

“There is a Lot of Necessary Nurturing to Be Found in the ‘Not Doing’”: DP Natasha Braier On Productivity Culture During Lockdown.

“This is the Headline: ‘You Can’t Do It Alone. So Do It With People You Love’”: DP and Director Christopher Doyle on Filmmaking Amidst the Pandemic.

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