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2023 Sundance Questionnaire: Editor Responses

The marquee at Park City's Egyptian Theater, which reads "Sundance Film Festival January 19-29, 2023."Courtesy of Sundance Institute.

Each year, Filmmaker sends all Sundance feature film or series editors a questionnaire to complete ahead of their film’s festival screening. We also send out cinematographer questionnaires and a single question for feature directors to answer.

Below, find links to individual editor responses, which will be updated daily during the festival.

“There Was a Lot of Important World Building To Be Done”: Editor Sam Levy on The Starling Girl

“Curiosity and Fear Are Strange Companions”: Editor Stella Heath Keir on Girl

“My Goal Is Always To Move People to Laughter or Tears”: Editor JoAnne Yarrow on The Persian Version

“I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Cried So Much in the Edit”: Editor Michelle Mizner on 20 Days in Mariupol

“A Joyful Film About a Complicated, Well-Lived Life”: Editor Tal Ben-David on Judy Blume Forever

“I Studied Experimental Filmmaking, Not Editing”: Editor Nico Leunen on The Eight Mountains

“Intently Listening to ‘Mmmbop’ on Repeat”: Editor Reynolds Barney on Jamojaya

“Funnier Is Almost Always Better in My Book”: Editor Robert Nassau on Shortcomings

“Rules Are Perhaps the Most Useful Ally in Creativity”: Editor Meredith Perry on PLAN C

“The Main Goal Was To Make the Audience Connect With an Unusual Protagonist”: Editor Fàtima de los Santos on MAMACRUZ

“A Narrative That Exposes the Horror of Losing One’s Autonomy”: Editor Taylor Mason on birth/rebirth

“With This Film, It Came Full Circle”: Editor Ron Patane on The Pod Generation

“We Hope That This Film and Its Female Narrative Will Echo the Voice of Iranian Women”: Editor Elika Rezaee on Shayda

“Emanuele Asked Me to ‘Undertake the Journey’ With Him”: Editor Clelio Benevento on L’Immensità

“I Wanted To Make Sure the Film Felt Lived In”: Editor Ryan Kendrick on Sometimes I Think About Dying

“A Foray Into the Heart of Different Family Dynamics”: Editor Anouk Deschênes on The Longest Goodbye

“I Use Split Screens as a Tool for Ensuring Any Performance Can Be Used”: Editor Franklin Peterson on Fair Play

“A Rom-com That Knows Exactly What It Is”: Editor Victoria Boydell on Rye Lane

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