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2023 Sundance Questionnaire: Cinematographer Responses

Park City's main street with a snow-covered mountain looming in the background, the Egyptian Theater in clear view.Photo: Kelsey Doyle, courtesy Sundance Institute.

Each year, Filmmaker sends all Sundance feature film or series cinematographers a questionnaire to complete ahead of their film’s festival screening. We also send out editor questionnaires and a single question for feature directors to answer.

Below, find links to individual cinematographer responses, which will be updated daily during the festival.

“Our Process Revolved Around Letting the Kids Be Kids”: DP Molly Manning Walker on Scrapper

“I Knew It Would Be an Amazing Journey To Go On”: DP Annemarie Lean-Vercoe on Is There Anybody Out There?

“We Lost Quite a Bit of Time Waiting Out Lightning Storms”: DP Brian Lannin on The Starling Girl

“The Gorgeous Light of LA Sunsets Always Seemed To Come Too Soon”: DP Derek Howard on The Tuba Thieves

“We Had To Protect the Chemistry of the Cast Whilst Maintaining Social Distance”: DP Aaron McLisky on Talk to Me

“A Love Letter to South London”: DP Olan Collardy on Rye Lane

“I Accumulated Hours of Vital Yet Unpublished Footage”: Mstyslav Chernov on 20 Days in Mariupol

“Cows Are Terrible to Work With”: DP Ruben Impens on The Eight Mountains

“Everyone on Set Cheered When We Did Playback”: DP Santiago Gonzalez on Shortcomings

“These Same Street Corners Have Evolved Into Something Almost Unrecognizable”: DP Sara Kinney on The Stroll

“Rendering American Urban Landscapes as a Character”: DP Derek Howard on PLAN C

“The Set Was Built Inside a Real House”: DP Fran Fernández-Pardo on MAMACRUZ

“The Real Violence and Danger Women Sometimes Go Through When Giving Birth”: DP Chananun Chotrungroj on birth/rebirth

“The Cinema Gods Smiled Upon Us”: DP Andrij Parekh on The Pod Generation

“I Opted for a Low-key Chiaroscuro Look”: DP Sherwin Akbarzadeh on Shayda

“For This Project, I Had a Collection of Over 1000 Images of Penélope Cruz”: DP Gergely Pohárnok on L’Immensità

“We Needed To Embrace a Certain Amount of Ugliness”: DP Dustin Lane on Sometimes I Think About Dying

“In the Desert, There Were Challenges We Couldn’t Foresee”: DP Boaz Freund on The Longest Goodbye

“The Sociohistorical Significance of a Black African Woman Holding the Camera in Her Hands”: DP Hankyeol Lee on Milisuthando

“Alexa Mini, My Best Friend in Digital Cinematography”: DP Josée Deshais on Passages

“What Would the Spirit of These Influences Feel Like in Orange County?” DP Michael Fernandez on The Accidental Getaway Driver

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